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About UnSung

UnSung is a collaborative project designed to promote hope and acceptance to women with substance use disorders on their journey of recovery. 

Our mission, through the power of music, is to impart hope and acceptance to all those overcoming addiction, as well as for those looking for the courage to begin.  In doing so, we support the wellbeing of the whole community, normalizing the journey to a substance free life for all.

Each recording on this site was inspired by women's personal experiences with substance use disorders and their path to recovery.  Through individual music sessions, each woman shared her story while engaged in various music experiences that became the catalyst for the final recordings.

The process for each woman took a unique and dynamic path. During our sessions, the women shared and discussed music that impacted their lives. We discussed their music; the lyrics, the rhythms, the voices and the instrumentations that related to their childhoods, their challenges and their successes. Through improvisation referencing their stories, sound was given to emotion. Poetry and rhymes gave emotions their voice. Soundscapes were chosen to reflect the essence of each woman. Their personal narratives wove through and around their experience in music.     

"In West Africa, when a person in the village becomes sick, the Healer will ask, "When was the last time that you sang? When was the last time that you danced? When was the last time that you told a story?"
Cox, 2000

Thank you for joining us on this journey.  
Eileen and Charlene

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